Deduster VJD

Separating technology: Deduster

Clean Gas Deduster VJD

VJD series dedusters are high-performance individual extraction systems operating with negative pressure at an operating volume flow of 5,000 to 10,000 m³/h and compressed air filter cleaning. The fan is downstream from the filter and therefore located on the clean gas side. Thus fans with a high efficiency factor can be used in the dedusters, for extremely economical operation. The arrangement of the fan on the clean gas side significantly contributes to the reduction of fire and explosion hazards, since impurities cannot come into contact with the impeller or fan housing. Damage, not to mention flying sparks, are therefore excluded.

All dedusters come with a dry extinguishing line as standard equipment. Optionally they can also be equipped with an automatic extinguishing system consisting of a temperature sensor and hydraulic valve. VJF series dedusters are suitable for outdoor and indoor installation (the respective national regulations have to be observed for indoor installation).

Fields of application

The following materials can be extracted reliably with our dedusters:

  • Wood dust and chips
  • Plastics
  • Paper (dust)
  • Cardboard packaging (dust)
  • Leather

How the dust collectors work

The raw gas with the dust and if applicable material fractions is suctioned into the filter section of the deduster through a duct with negative pressure. Heavy particles fall directly into the drums in a pre-separation chamber. Lighter particles and dust are suctioned into the bag filters, where they accumulate on the filter surfaces.

The bag filters are cleaned at intervals using compressed air. Dust and particles are collected in the bags in the dust bins. Clean gas is discharged to the outside by the high-performance fan. After switching the deduster off, the drums can be rolled out of the deduster and the dust collection bags can be disposed of or emptied at the disposal location.

Clean Gas Fan

The fan is arranged on the clean gas side, ensuring the highest efficiency and thereby reducing energy costs. Negative pressure operation also guarantees 100% freedom from dust along the entire duct.

Filter Cloth Cleaning by JET Compressed-Air Pulses

Integrated JET filter cleaning by compressed air impulses ensures a constant suction capacity and very good regeneration of the bag filters, in particular also with fine, penetrating dust.

Deduster Bins

The portable bins with the dust collection bags are easy to roll out of the deduster using a clamping bracket mechanism. For effective suctioning of dust and chips into the dust collection bags, all drums also have a negative pressure connection at the rear.

Deduster Switchboard

The plug-in unit is supplied with a 5 m long cable and fully integrated control cabinet. Heavy-duty rollers make the dedusters mobile.

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