VSL Single-Shaft Shredder

The VSL series shredders set themselves apart with highly robust engineering. Single-shaft technology has asserted itself in the market for material volumes up to 5.7 m³/h that are possible with this series. Reliability and a high utility value make our machines the number one choice for industry and trades.

The cutting rotor with its turnable and replaceable cutters delivers high chipping performance combined with energy efficiency. Our shredders make this possible with load-dependent pusher control. With our sophisticated plug system, we also attain a high level of manufacturing precision reflected in construction with an excellent accuracy of fit and low distortion.

All components are laser cut, eliminating the extensive heat input that the material is otherwise exposed to with conventional welding. This results in the unrivalled accuracy of pushers and machine frames. Material therefore cannot get jammed during chipping, which could otherwise result in machine downtime.

Fields of application

The following materials can be shredded reliably with our shredders:

  • Solid wood
  • Chipboard
  • MDF board
  • Pallets
  • Brittle plastics
  • Cardboard packaging

How the dedusters work

The material is supplied to the shredder from above through the infeed hopper. A hydraulically controlled pusher presses the material to be shredded against the cutting rotor. The feed of the pusher is progressive in dependency on the main motor. Material is shredded between the rotating knives on the rotor shaft and a fixed bed knife in the machine bed.

After shredding, the material is transported away using an extraction system, screw conveyor or conveyor belt. Operating the shredder without a material discharge system is prohibited: The accumulation of material underneath the shredder’s rotor creates a fire hazard!

The material is pushed into the rotor shaft by the pressure beam. When the power input of the drive mo-tor increases, the pusher stops; when the power input value drops, the pusher moves forward again (step control).
The accurately fitting, gliding pusher featuring a gimbal-mounted hydraulic cylinder guarantees the durable function of the shredder.
By using standard knives and concave knives in a 50:50 ratio, our shredders have a high throughput in conjunction with highly economical tool costs. The standard knives can be turned up to 8x, the concave knives up to 4x.
The size of the chips is always determined by the size of the screen holes. The hole diameter is always determined based on the field of application specified by the customer.
The hydraulic unit and gimbal-mounted hydraulic cylinders are fully integrated into the machine body, and therefore completely protected against damage.
In conjunction with decoupling the gear mechanism and motor, cushioning of the gear mechanism with rubber mountings ensures a long service life for both components.

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