Briquetting Presses

Briquetting Press VBP

Briquetting presses of the VBP series are characterized by an extremely robust technology in a working range of up to 110 kg/h. Their reliability and high utility value make our machines the first choice for trade and industry.

Reliable, bolted cylinders guarantee a long service life. The pliers mechanism with lever transmission enables high pressing pressure with moderate pliers and cylinder load. The pliers themselves are designed as solid square halves. The press block is hardened and can be replaced if necessary.

Fields of application

With our briquetting presses the following materials can be reliably briquetted:

  • Wood dust and chips
  • Wood chips from chipboard, MFD, wood etc.
  • Paper dust and cellulose
  • Various natural wood fibres such as cotton, tobacco, straw, flax etc.
  • Aluminium shavings
  • PU rigid foam, styrofoam and similar materials

How the briquetting presses work

An arm discharge fills the screw conveyor channel in the bottom of the material collection container. The screw conveyor transports the material to be briquetted into the so-called filling tower of the briquetting press. The material builds up in the filling tower until a level sensor stops the screw conveyor.

In the following work step, the material is pressed into the pressing chamber by a pusher in the filling tower. The pusher remains in the lower end position while the pressing cylinder moves forward, thereby pressing the briquette. After reaching a pre-set pressure value, the tongs open so that the finished briquette is pushed out, e.g. into a transport pipe. The next cycle begins with the closing of the tongs, the retraction of the pressing cylinder and the raising of the cylinder in the filling tower.

A wear-free electronic sensor controls the briquette length during the pressing process. The sensor replaces a mechanical counter wheel, which does not measure as reliably and is susceptible to faults during operation.
The unique hardened press block used in our briquetting press is firmly bolted to the machine. It can be replaced quickly and easily as a unit. Compared to commercially available press bushings on the other hand have to be driven out of the press block with high mechanical force in case of damage.
Our robust square clamps in conjunction with the clamping lever form a reliable unit to generate the required clamping force.
The clamp gripping force is easily regulated with an adjusting screw.
The accessible hydraulic pump minimizes the heat transfer and enables maintenance and service at any time.
Touch panel visualisation of operating states and operating processes of all individual components. Easy to operate.

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